How do you deal with individuals asking to be turned?

I've always been awakened, but I wasn't aware to what until I was about 19. While none of my biological family are vampyric, I'm fortunate to have a very open-minded family who are supportive of me, and of my 'strange friends'. I'm also in an area with a decent amount of other vamps, which certainly makes life easier for all concerned.

Over the years, as I've posted on message boards and become the co-founder of a House, becoming more visible in the community, I've been asked by an inordinate number of people if I would turn them, or if I could direct them to someone who would. Almost without exception, these people were under 20 and unhappy with life (many either lacking a significant other, or having just been dumped by one). The statement which I have heard most often from this type is, "My life is unbearable! Make me a vampire so I can live forever."


"So let me get this straight," I say to them. "Your life is horrible, you hate interacting with people, so you want to become what you think is a creature that lives forever and depends on human contact for survival. Have you really given this any thought?"

They don't want to hear that we're not *physically* immortal. They don't want to hear that we still have to pay rent, do laundry, wash dishes, hold down a job, deal with the outside world, bathe, and find a way to keep food on the table and electricity in our homes. None of this interests them. They want Lestat or Vlad or Mrs. Blaylock. They want excitement. Most of the time they don't even think about the gnawing hunger, the fundamental need for the energy of another. They don't want to hear about how if you avoid feeding it can mess up your body and interfere with your day-to-day life. They've no interest in the world in general, yet they somehow feel that being 'undead' would help things.

This baffles me.

I tell them, "Do your research. We're not what you think. While you're doing that, go outside. Enjoy the day or, if you prefer, enjoy the night. Yes, parts of life may very well suck. However, there are plenty of good bits to life as well. It's all in what you're looking for. Start looking for the positive. Enjoy the moment-- the blooming of a flower, the scent of the air after a storm, the feel of the evening breeze against your skin. And for God's sakes, go out and live a little-- take up a hobby; take a course in something that interests you; join a club or go out and dance... whatever you like doing, go out and do it. If you have no hobbies, be daring and try something new.

"If you're depressed by the state of the world, do something about it. Look for places in your city that need an extra pair of hands. Stuff envelopes for a fundraising campaign. Volunteer somewhere. Make someone else's life a bit better. If you can't find any good in the world, *be* the good in the world, so that someone else can find *you*.

"Before you decide you want to live eternally as a dead guy, go out and live for a few years as a human being. Research us, find out what we really are (insert standard dispelling of myths), but above all, take time to live. You're young yet. The best parts are just around the corner."

Sorry if that sounded a bit too peppy and inspirational, but it's how I feel, and it's the answer I give. Usually gets people thinking, at the very least.

Author: Shishain Kaleanen
Link: Unity Through Diversity -- House Quinotaur


eah210 August 21, 2012 at 1:25 PM  

I want to introduce a hypothetical situation to you. Perhaps you have been asked this before and can shed a new perspective.

Suppose a man in his late 30's is interested in being turned. Not a teenager who is broken hearted over an unrequented "love", bad grades, or a desire to be a cast member on a vampire melodrama. I'm talking about a man, old enough to have seen failure, death, and everyone around him passing him by while he continues to struggle. Suppose this man was, at one time, a very promising being whose future seemed as bright as the sun but through some choices made earlier in his mortal life can't climb out of the abyss. This same person, whose gifts and abilities were lauded and used by many of the people he once held dear but now don't even acknowledge him as even a friend. What would you say to this person who at one time loved to be in the company of others, but now has developed such a distrust of the masses that he has become almost reclusive and afraid of human interaction? What if this man was looking at his remaining existance on this earth and realized he needed something to help him push his will to live (so to speak) so that he could accomplish the things he had set out to do so long ago, regain his faith in mankind, and have the earthly time to do it in? What would you say to this man?

It would be easy to write this off as a pre mid life crisis, and since this is purely hypothetical, I will ask that you treat this with the honest answer it requires. Thank you.

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