Welcome to The Vampire Project.

This website is here to serve as an online vampire research portal, with resources and information, terminology, folklore and historical writings, and otherkin related materials. All topics covered here deal with vampires or other kin. Topics are further broken down by sub-topics on the sidebar menu.

On Terminology

Note that the terms vampire and vampyre are used interchangeably on this website. Although the correct spelling and/or usage is a cause of great debate in the Vampire Community, both are acceptable here and may be used to indicate both "real vampires" and "lifestylers."

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All rights to materials posted on this site are retained by the original author(s), unless stated otherwise. For reprint permission, please contact the copyright holder or owner.


All texts located on this website should not be regarded by visitors as substitute for the exercise of personal judgment. Being unable to stand sunlight, unexplained cravings and/or the urge to eat meat have absolutely nothing to do with real vampirism. These are symptoms that describe quite a few medical disorders such as anemia, or hormonal imbalances.

See a doctor before assuming your symptoms are based on vampiric tendencies. Many conditions with these symptoms can be life threatening!

Again, see a doctor before diagnosing yourself!



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