Feeding by Touch

Energy is a great thing, some people have an abundance and then there are those of us who need more of it. I’ve read in many articles how Vampirism is “this” or “that” so I think I’ll start by saying my view upon psi-vampirism: Think of a person as being a bowl filled with water, and each person’s bowl has a mark where the water should be filled and then water is put in until it reaches that point. A vampire’s bowl also has a mark in it, but for some reason the water never gets filled up to that point so we end up either borrowing, having water freely donated, or in some cases unknowingly / knowingly taking water from someone else’s bowl.

When feeding off of emotional energy or just plain energy most vampires go for large crowds of people so as not to take too much from any one person, I applaud this method and anyone who can accomplish it. But for the sake of argument: what happens if you’re someone who can’t stand to be in or even near crowds or haven’t been able to master it yet? This my friends is where feeding by touch comes in, it’s basically a one on one feeding experience usually, or if you’re involved with a Vampire house and they have designated donors then you could have a group of people feeding off of one person but that’s a bit off the subject at the moment.

When I feed it’s usually off of either negative energy or strong negative emotions which a person displays (example: anger, despair, emotional anguish ... you get the picture) so I’ll just give a short rundown of how I would feed and hopefully it will give a good representation of what I do (just remember: everyone’s experience will vary).

1. First and foremost, I would get the other person’s permission, not only is this a good way to insure that you’ll be able to feed off this person again but it’s just polite in my book. It’s also a great idea to make sure they know what they’re getting into before they donate anything (this step isn’t just for Sanguinarian Vampires ... if you’re not sure of how to explain it clearly try practicing with someone who already knows or direct your prospective donor to some helpful websites such as Sanguinarious.org). It is also a great idea to explain exactly what you’re going to be doing, (Example: I’m going to put my hand on your back and draw the energy through my hand into myself) this gives your donor a sense of security because they now know what to expect. You might also want to make clear what kind of relationship with him/her you would prefer (sometimes romantic feelings can occur because of feeding so you might want to address those before hand if you already have a significant other or are just not in the market for a relationship at that moment).
2. After asking I’d suggest you and the other person sit down for actual feeding either on the ground, a chair, what have you. I’m only including this step because usually after feeding off of someone your donor might not feel exactly steady on their feet (think of it as adding 2 lbs of weight to yourself and taking 2lbs off of your donor, it usually takes a minute or two for the body to get it’s equilibrium back).
3. (This is where your experiences may vary ... so don’t be totally disappointed if this method doesn’t work for you) time to feed: I’d go for the embrace method generally because it is usually the easiest to accomplish if you don’t want things to seem sexual (by embrace I mean hug, not Hollywood Dracula impressions), but any form of skin to skin contact will do, such as hand holding or simply placing your hand on the donor’s lower back. After making contact with the skin, relax and imagine the other person’s energy/emotion flowing through you (the best way I can describe it would be if you imagined the person’s aura running along your arm like droplets of water that you’re collecting with whatever part of your body you have in contact with the other person). Keep this up for no longer then 5 minutes (any more and the person might faint on you, or at least that’s been my experience).
4. After you’ve finished feeding, remain sitting with your donor for about 5 minutes talking with your donor to make sure he/she is not suffering any ill affects such as extreme fatigue (if they are, you might have taken a bit too much, I recommend the same thing red cross gives you after donating blood: orange juice and/or a cookie.).

Now I know this isn’t a perfect world and there will be some people out there who might disagree with my methods, but if nothing else I hope at least now you have a bit more of an insight into the psychic way of feeding. Also please remember that this is just one way to feed and the subsequent variations are quite endless, but then again there are endless ways of doing everything in my opinion. Darkest Blessings to you all.

Author: Hillary (House DarkStar)
Credits: Catalina DeWitt (Tuscaloosa) and her boyfriend [for providing horror stories and examples of what “not” to do]
Note from Author: If anyone has any complaints or alternate views on the subject, please remember this is my view and that everyone’s experiences are different. If anyone has any comments about this article, feel free to e-mail me.
Contact: Silent_Thief16@msn.com


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