Thank you for your submission. I checked out your site and believe that it deserves two awards.Therefore I have attached not only the requested BLOODY GOOD STUFF AWARD, but also the UBER JASON AWARD.
Please link the awards to the following URL:

William Pattison

I've never seen a site quite like yours before, therefore, I'm sending you
the "Originality Award."  (None of my other awards seem to fit anyway... )

I've included the graphic as an attachment.

The correct address to link the award back to is:

I've already included your site to my "Granted" section.

That's a nice site you have there.  Like I said, I've never seen anything
like it before.

- Carl


I would like to announce that you have been chosen to win
The Magickal Website Award

There were many applicants this month and they were all very good, creative and beautiful in their own respects. I give credit to both novice and pro webmaster. It is the passion and magick I am looking for.

Of all the applicants, your website along with others I have chosen are listed on the awards page.

Thank you for applying and keep up the great work.
Thank you,

I have viewed your site and am attaching my Gold Site Award for your excellent site.  Your site is very interesting and you have done a lot of research in making it, and it's very easy to navigate! 
I will add you to my Winner's List immediately.
Piano Lady Nancy

Congratulations you have won the "World Web Award of Excellence" for  web site design, creativity, and ease of navigation. Keep up the good work.

We have attached the award image to this email that you place on your web site. Please link it to

You have obviously worked very hard investing your time, and skills into making a great web site. Now let everybody know of your achievement by proudly displaying your own personalized award certificate at your home, business, or office, for your clients, colleagues and friends to admire.

Art Space 2000 Awards Department