Therian Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Therians physically shift?

No. I have yet to meet a person that can actually shift physically and has proof of it. Please refer to the following sections: "Making Sense of it All" and "P-Shifting: The Mulder and Scully Debate". (located on the website)

2. How do I become a part of the Were-religion?:

Religion? There is no "Were-religion". It is a belief, not a religion. It is a belief, not a religion. As above, refer to "Making Sense of it All" located on the main Therianthropy page. (located on the website)

3. How do Therians live?

Just like you and everyone else does. They need to make a living, they need to pay bills, they run into issues with family members and loved ones, love, get dumped, and get hurt just like everyone else.

4. Is it a disease? Can it be transmitted through a bite?:

If everyone I (and others like me) have ever bitten (playfully or otherwise) were to become a Therian, the world would probably be overrun with Therians. No, it's is not a disease. If it was, doctors would have already discovered it and created pills or a vaccine against it. To sum it up: No disease and it cannot be transmitted through a bite or any exchange of bodily fluids.

5. How do I know if I am one?

I couldn't really tell you. It's something that you will have to learn on your own. Therians (like Otherkin and Vampires) Awaken to the knowledge of what they are. It's not an easy road. Not by far, but taking the time to learn and know what you are comes with great rewards.

6. What is a "phenotype"? ("theriotype")

Basically, what animal you feel you are. Example: I am a black panther. The panther is my phenotype/theriotype.

7. Are werewolves (Therians) enemies to vampires?

No. That's the stuff that movies and books are made of. This is not "Eternal Struggle". Once upon a time (in folklore, of course), vampires and werewolves were often confused with each other. In some cases, a werewolf who died returned as a vampire. Today, some Therians are partially vampires (sang or psi).

8. Aren't there only werewolves?

*grumbles* No. Werewolves are the most popular type of "shape-shifting beastie" out there when it comes to books and movies. One has to remember that wolves are only indigenous to some regions that also have the lore. In those regions, usually another feared predator was used. Ie. In Africa, you might find werecrocodiles , werelions, or even werehyenas. It is also worthy to note that there is also a considerable amount of lore on non-predator shape-shifting creatures.

9. Aren't Weres all of predator type animals?

No. Predators that the spotlight most of the time though. People seem to want to focus more on predators than on prey-types. So, yes, there are such things as werehorses and weredeer. I have even met some Therians who are insects or arachnids.

Author: Neserit


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