Psychic Vampire Attack & Defense

You’re sitting at a night club talking to your friends and having drinks. A man comes to sit next to you at the bar. You ignore him and then he seems to just disappear as quickly as he came. All of a sudden you feel tired and drained. But wasn't it just a moment ago that you were full of energy enjoying yourself? More than likely you have been subject to a psychic vampire attack and didn’t even know it. How do you know if you have been subject to a psychic attack and how do you protect yourself? Here are a few of the symptoms along with some defense techniques to hopefully help ward you against unwanted energy drain.

Some of the most common symptoms of a psychic attack are a significant energy loss, chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, irritability, depressed mood, excessive anxiety, sexual indifference and even impaired memory.

One known method of protection form energy drain is by the use of a charged quartz crystal. The first thing you are going to want to do after you have chosen a crystal is to remove it first of all previous energies. To do this simply hold the crystal under running water and let it air dry on a towel. Once your crystal has dried completely hold the crystal in your left hand and while stroking it with your right picture in your mind your body surrounded by a white light.

This is your protective shield. Repeat three times while stroking your crystal and holding the image,” This is my shield and I am protected. With this crystal all attacks are rejected.” Now your crystal is charged and ready for use. Carry it with you always preferably in a small pouch in your pocket. You will however need to recharge your crystal at least once a month.

Another known method of protection and probably the most used is visualization. Using your mind to create images, you are able to change your own aura which will help to shield you from psychic attack. Just as you did in the above technique you will need to picture yourself surrounded buy a white glowing light. This will balance your aura and help to prevent energy drain.

Even with the two methods of protection listed in this article the only true way to defend yourself and stop an attack is to leave the situation as quickly as possible. Pay attention to your bodies reactions when you are out in public. If you start to experience any of the above described symptoms, create your auric shield and leave the situation as soon as possible.

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jazz Jain Gupta December 3, 2014 at 12:52 AM  

Psychic vampires are blood suckers. They connect cords either intentionally or non-intentionally with other people.
We can stop them through as mentioned above through-
(1) Using a quartz crystal and charging it , as mentioned in the article.
(2) By cord cutting technique. The cords create problems. These psychic vampires connect the wires with their victims and after some time we feel drained. We lack energy.
Cord cutting can done through a "Pendulum" also. On Youtube watch "How to cut psychic cords to negative energy using a pendulum". We can cut the cords easily.
(3) Through "finger interlock technique" we can stop the psychic vampires for some time.
This technique is explained on internet.

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