Psi-vamps - The feeding process

If feeding is pretty well known for sanguinarius vampires, the process for psychic vampires still stays a perfect mystery for most. What happens, what do they feed on, how do we know we are being fed on? How to defend ourselves against these attacks? So many questions because this is a subject not often explored. I researched the subject some and hope to have come with some answers at last.

Psi-vamps can feed on you using 3 methods basically: feeding by proximity, feeding by touch or physical contact or feeding by touch in self-defense. What does each imply?

Feeding by proximity is simply to feed from sight and not touch. It is harder to master for the vampire but safer for the "donor" and has the merit of attracting a lot less attention on the vampire. It is safer to feed from large groups of people rather than one single individual. You see, taking too much energy from one person can be really hazardous to their health; so in a crowd, you can feed a little from many people, thus having your fill and still most people won't notice you just fed from them.

The best way to do this is to walk through a busy shopping area and feel the energy swirl together in a funnel around you. All the vampire has to do is picture or feel this funnel being made of water and simply drink in some of this "water"... or just breathe in some of the energy if they can't picture the water.

There are 2 types of energy a vampire can feed from when using this method: your life energy or your emotional energy. The hardest to tap into is the first aforementioned. This is when you use the funnel technique. But emotional energy is much easier to perceive. When a person feels the stronger emotions like aggravation, anger, fear, hatred or if they are feeling rushed or panicked, they broadcast out energy to signal us to leave them alone. You have seen that happened so you know what I mean. This is much easier to tap into this energy because it is outside of their bodies and not inside of them. A vampire though will NEVER feed on fear though. It could cause permanent emotional and mental damage (in short, drive them insane).

Feeding by touch or physical contact may be done in many ways; however, this normally tend to draw attention. Any place on your body that forms a hollow (like the hollow in the base of your throat, or in your shoulder) can be used to feed from. Or if someone touches the vampire, they can actually deplete themselves of their own energy.

Most vampires will feed using their right hand and drain with their palm (but NEVER over the heart because the shock could seriously hurt them or even kill them if they have a heart condition); this is why psi-vamps do not like to shake hands.

If a vamp is attracted to someone, they will feed with their mouth, either from their shoulder or from their neck. For the same reason, they will be easily aroused if someone nuzzles their neck. They don't drink their victim's blood, but their energy in a way similar to giving a hickey. This is the most intimate a psi-vampire will go without actually having sex.

Feeding by touch in self-defense is when the vampire feeds on the aggressive emotions of their attackers as well as the energy they are using to attack them with. Draining the energy will throw the attacker off balance and weaken them to the point they will wonder what happened and why they even bothered to attack you in the first place either cause they are confused or because the vamp will suddenly seem too strong for them.

This method is in direct contradiction with martial arts training: there, they teach you to redirect the energy of your attacker. A vampire will rather feed on it which makes the attacker believe they are super strong when in fact they are not.

The danger of this resides in the fact the vampire could get too engrossed in feeding from the aggressiveness and really hurt its attacker. Psi-vamps are no monsters and in this case they will often start to perceive themselves as such and will start to hate themselves. It appears that 75% of vampire deaths are due to suicide only.

Author: Jacynthe Durocher
Source: Suite101


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