Psychic vampires - Warding off their attacks

Some people are acutely aware when a psychic vampire is feeding from them but do not know how to stop it from happening. Mainly because this is not a subject they teach in self-defense classes. I just could see this, can't you? ~chuckles~

One of the most common things to do would be to put an amethyst in your home if you want to keep astral bodies from entering your home and feed on you. Wearing an amethyst might protect you as well for the same reasons. It is a known fact that crystals enhance psychic abilities, be it to contact people or to keep them at bay. Now, I do not know yet if other crystal would be more likely to help a psi-vamp connect with you. All I know is that psi-vampires will sometimes use silver and/or copper to enhance or depress their own feeding abilities. It is important though that they wear it where it can get in contact with their skin, otherwise the effects are null. In that regard, a vampire who will wear silver will depress its abilities, which can be very useful for more advanced vamps who wish to be close to someone without feeding on them subconsciously. One that will wear copper will increase its powers since copper will act as a catalyst for its feeding. Weak psi-vamps will find copper a wonderful thing to have around...

Another way to stop a vampire from feeding on you is to simply clean your aura and, in the even you know who is feeding on you, alter your aura slightly like a filter so that they cannot hook up or tap into you again.

How does one clean their aura? Well first, you have a nice hot bath with a small amount of salt in it. While you are relaxing in the bath (a shower could be used as well but it is much harder to totally relax in it.. unless you want to pay the doctor's bill when you slip and fall), start an in depth scan of your aura. Start with your toes and work your way up. The forehead is the most important place to scan so make sure you really do a good cleaning here since it is the center for your third eye.

When you are scanning your aura, you are looking for any cold or dark spots in it. Every time you find one, picture or feel yourself cutting them off with an energy knife and sealing your aura shut with your other hand. ALWAYS double-check the spot you just removed a tap from because sometimes there can be more than one in the same spot. It won't do much good if you still have a tap there. Repeat this process as often as you feel necessary and you should see immediate results. Of course, do not expect miracles the first times, and I highly doubt this would work on someone skeptical because the relaxation level would be highly insufficient.

For the method on how to use your aura as a filter, read the first article of this series on psi-vamps located at the URL: and look for the paragraph explaining the shielding method.

Author: Jacynthe Durocher
Source: Suite101

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