Belief systems and vampyrism

I've met Christian vampires, Buddhist vampires, Atheist vampires; I've met individuals who have worked their entire world view completely around their vampirism and others who refuse to acknowledge that it even manifests in their lives. The majority of individuals I've met (both through the internet and otherwise) fall into a different category though. They are unsure of how vampirism and their belief system can ever mesh.

Maybe it's because they haven't put much thought into one or the other, or they just lack enough information to even form the basic hypothesis. Even the individual who treats this as a purely scientific phenomenon, has to agree that there are ethical situations involved in maintaining a lifestyle that in one form or another feeds off energies that do not intrinsically belong to them.

Theories abound as to the origins and nature of vampirism. However, as of today, I have found no empirical evidence confirming any of these theories conclusively. So, I must accept that vampirism is a leap of faith, a theory as yet, unproven.

During my own self-exploration, I discovered that some of the beliefs I have held for the majority of my life were just not compatible with the concept of vampirism. After much soul searching, I have had to jettison that which did not make logical sense. I used logic as a counterweight to belief, hoping that it would balance out to eventually become truth. There is still so much that I cannot prove and am unsure of, but what the exploration boiled down to was a working model that explained much to me and gave me a sense of peace.

Isn't that essentially what belief systems are designed to do? Explain the unexplainable and give a sense of peace and security, delineate one's sense of place in the huge scheme of things, answer the questions we can not put into words.

Discovering one's basic nature is vampire can be a startling and unsettling experience at first, but when the unanswered questions persist, one may become so mired down in uncertainty that they despair.

This is one way to raise oneself out of this pit. Start to compare and contrast your lifelong beliefs with your concept of vampirism. Discard that which doesn't make logical sense. You can always come back to it at a later date. I promise you information and theories grow (especially when there is a grain of truth in them).

Find the ideas and theories that seem to be the most certain and work your way out from there.

No one individual holds the complete truth, but if you can reconcile your belief system with the manifestations of vampire in your life, it may help you come to grips with this startling discovery, and bring you a measure of peace.

Author: Misery


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