Witten Bloodsuckers: Daniel and Manuela Ruda


Due to early associations of blood-drinking with revenant spirits or demons, there has emerged a modern-day confluence of Satanism and vampirism, though the two are more often than not exclusive to one another (i.e., real vampires are not necessarily Satanists, nor are Satanists vampires).  

Despite this, people who adopt a more proactively "evil" lifestyle have melded the two concepts and, in doing so, committed atrocious crimes. Take for instance Daniel and Manuela Ruda, a man-and-wife team of bloodsuckers from Witten, Germany, who also claimed to worship Satan and follow his commands. Such was the case in July 2001 when the Rudas killed a former coworker of Daniel's, bludgeoning him 66 times with a hammer, drinking his blood and carving a pentagram in his chest.   

The courts ultimately ruled the Rudas were mentally unfit and suffering "severe narcissistic personality disturbances." Daniel and Manuela were sentenced to confinement in separate maximum security mental facilities.


Daniel and Manuela Ruda 


 Source: Telegraph