The Hunger -- Is it controllable?

There is some debate about whether or not vampires are able to go for any prolonged amount of time without feeding. With some research I was able to find that some vampires say they are unable to go any real length of time without blood, they find the pains become unbearable. They may suffer from insomnia, headaches, cramps, and so on. These people resort to drinking animal blood, or in some cases auto-vampirism.

However, there is an equal amount of vampires that go forever without feeding on blood. Some people believe that this is because they have psychic vampirism capabilities and are able to feed off of other peoples life energies that way. Is it possible that the vampires that can't go without are lacking this capability?

I posted the request for information on ways to curb the hunger on several different Yahoo! groups, including Order of the Crimson Tongues, Vampire Church and my own group Syd7sden. I got a few answers back and have been able to compile just a short list of ways in which some people have tried in order to stop their bloodlust for short periods of time. I got several responses that I have chosen not to include as I was unable to verify if they worked.

Ways to control the hunger:

1) If you have the capability of a psychic vampire then use it. Feeding off people's energy this way will help with the bloodlust. Many are able to use this for many years without ever having to feed. WARNING: do not try this in a large crowd, you never know what you will get from others.

2) Sex. If you find that you are having a strong urge, have sex. (if you are of age and always use protection, you are not invincible you can get aids or other STDs.) You will most likely find after that your hunger is gone. Also some say that because semen contains an ingredient that is also found in milk and blood that oral sex can help.

3) I find that chocolate works really well to temporarily ward off the thirst. Several others responded to my requests with saying that sugar or chocolate worked for them.

4) Two people sent me this one and I did try it. Tomato juice or sauce mixed with a small amount of orange juice to make it taste like blood. I found that I did not like the taste and in fact it made me feel like throwing up. However tomato sauce on its own is really heavy in consistency or thickness and made me feel really full and completely eased the hunger for a few days at least and when the hunger came back it was no where near the intensity it had been.

5) One person sent me an email stating that ketchup and ice cream worked for them but this I will not try so use at your own risk. (though I guess its that tomato thing again) However they did also say ice cream on its own worked as well. I haven't tried but I could see that it could work. They say that blood and milk have one ingredient that is the same so dairy could be a good tool to use at those unbearable times.

6) I have never resorted to this but many people do, animal blood. If you live in a big city it is possible to purchase pig's blood from a deli. If you live in the country it is possible for you to use your own livestock (but yuck!). You do not want to feed from your pets (I hope) so please seek another option.

Author: Syd7
Synopsis: There is some debate about whether or not vampires are able to go for any prolonged amount of time without feeding. This article explores that debate, and offers some relief from those who may be feeling the dreaded hunger pangs.


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