Elemental Feeding

The meaning of elemental feeding is basically this: a person who can feed from the energies of elements in nature, such as the earth itself to the weather and also things like fire, water and even air.

This form of feeding is in abundance to everyone, not just something for those of the vampire community. You may find that many of the magickal community feed from these things as well for excess energies for working their magicks.

For me writing this I want to stress the point that it is not just psi vampires who can adapt to feeding on these energies. Even a sang vampire who practices feeding this way will find an abundant source of energy, which is readily available whenever needed, to take away any edge they have from not having been able to sang feed.

It is not always the case, but most elemental feeders come from a magickal background, such as Shamanism or Wicca, or even others who work solely with weather magicks. In any case, many elemental feeders are in harmony with the elements, most likely coming from a close partnership with the earth and being able to feel its energies running through them. So, you will find that an elemental feeder will know about coming weather or disturbances within the earth and in recent cases things like solar flares or excess radiation that has been bombarding the earth from the sun and a few close planets moving past our own.

The easiest way to describe this energy is best felt during and just before a thunder and lightning storm. Beforehand there is a mass build-up of pressure in the air and most people can feel this readily, vampire, otherkin and ordinary people alike. Even to animals is this pressure apparent.

During the storm, as is well known, there are massive releases of energy- through sound and through light. The lightning is the one we most consider to be “energy” as it is pure energy passing through the air. It contains charged particles of electrons that pass through the atmosphere that, in this simple case, can be fed upon leaving the recipient feeling highly charged and in most instances very hyper indeed. This is only an example of one type of elemental feeding that can be taken straight from the air by simply allowing oneself to soak in the charged electrons from the surrounding air.

With all weather systems if you look at weather reports you will see that it moves in on high or low pressure. The severity of the weather it brings forth is dependant upon this pressure level and, the more severe the weather, the more energy that can be extracted from it. If you think closely about it, man since ancient times has caught the wind and used it for powering windmills. For the elemental vampire the idea is the same - harnessing the power behind the element and then bringing this forth as a power source that one can use to fuel themselves with.

For myself I find that different weather brings different types of energies, from calming to sheer aggressive energy. When this sort is harnessed it can be brought around to the energy we need (just as we would process/filter emotional energy from something like anger back down to a more peaceful type of energy that won’t adversely effect us). This will be different for each one of us, but I find that harsh precipitation mixed in with wind is a wild ride of energy that I find immensely great to feed on. Days of pure sun shine with out a cloud in the sky however actually drains energy from me, whilst solar radiation makes life not worth living as it brings headaches, burning skin and feelings of being lethargic and non functioning.

To feed from the elements is simple especially if you’re a natural - it just absorbs into the body! For others though, until this process becomes natural, it can be taken in following the method below. (For anyone who works differently this is not gospel, its just as I do it and you may have to find your own techniques to feeding this way.)

First, during the storm, I expand my aura and shape it like sails. In most instances looking at this it will appear like two sort-of butterfly wings, protruding from the body. The energy passing through these sails from the atmosphere is charged, either from electrons in the air to something as simple as potential energy moving to kinetic energy. As it passes through the sails it charges them and, once sufficiently charged, they are brought in close to the body, the energy is absorbed and then return the aura to its original shape or put the sails out for more energy.

Feeding straight from the earth is one that I enjoy the most. It is simple and effective and all you need for this is simply soft ground that you can even bury the tips of your fingers into. Once you have found such a piece of land, just dig the fingers as far as you can get them into the ground and simply start to bring the energy up through the fingers into the bodies energy stream. Once you become proficient in this it is possible to use one hand to ground things (like negative energies) and to use the other hand to raise energy through the body at the same time -from this you may see a connection to the people you see who can’t walk on things like grass with shoes on, they must walk bare foot over it to get what they need.

So far we can see that there is an abundance of energy all around us, so what about the air as so far we have talked only about thunderstorms and charged electrons in the air? What about air that surrounds us generally that hasn’t had an electrical storm to charge it?

We can look here at the laws of thermodynamics. The first states that energy is never created nor destroyed, it merely moves from one type to another. If this is the case then we have energy all around us in one form or another all the time. For myself this is what I was taught as a healer- to use this energy as using my own would be detrimental to my health. If I can’t process the raw energy around me I can pass it through another as I find that mundanes who have no knowledge of occult or energy workings will find this energy refreshing. Their energy in turn is what I really need, so by circulating in this manner, I get to aid someone else as well as myself. However, in most instances energy CAN be taken straight from the air by the simple method of manipulating of its type - for instance changing an energy to a yellow, building on it until I have something useful, then drawing it into myself to create a feed from thin air. It’s not always the greatest of feeds but it can take the edge off of things at least.

Plants are another good way of feeding as they are connected straight to the earth. As long as it’s not a houseplant that is too small then a good feed can be gotten from this technique. If you are feeding from a small plant then you will see it wither and eventually die, but for something like an established oak tree it is entirely different. After all this is an ancient living being, that grows on a daily basis. This technique comes somewhat from the old statement about tree hugging - give a little, get a great deal back. The tree will stop allowing you to feed when it doesn’t want drained anymore. Believe me, this is the case - you may even find yourself a little drained if you try to draw out too much.

The last thing I will talk about here on the subject is the element of fire. It is raw and produces a great deal of energy in the forms of light and heat - which I’m sure we have all at least burned ourselves on once in this life time!

The energy of fire can be felt at its best in front of an open fire or a bonfire at certain times of the year. As you look into it the flames dance and move around, never stopping until it has burned itself out. This energy can be absorbed straight into the body as it always naturally does through heat and, when we have absorbed enough of it, the body tells us by releasing sweat to inform us we have absorbed enough energy to regulate our bodies.

As I stated at the start it’s not always just a vampire thing as, for millennia, there has always been a use for elemental energy -in magicks from a shamanistic point of view as well as a feeding source for our own kind.

Author: Preist, House Rising Serpent
Contact: deadpoolvamp@hotmail.com


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