The Vampires Won't Vampire for Me

Percy and Sal
Often I have seen on the screen,
Pictures living and snappy,
Girls quite a fistful, ingenues wistful,
Loving I look at that makes me unhappy;
Tell me why are girls that I meet,
Always simple and slow?
I want a brunette like those I met,
Back in the seven-reel show.

Liking striking blondes as I do,
Hair that's golden and rippling,
Why don't I meet a few that aren't sweet but
Act very much like the ladies in Kipling?
Dolls are very numerous now,
Many wonders I've seen;
But I'd like a wife early in life,
Someone who learned on the screen.

Theda Bara they say,
Drives deppression away,
What Olga Petrova knows
Won't go in the censored shows!
Why are the ladies I meet
Never more than just sweet?
Girls seem to be Vampires,
But they won't vampire for me.

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Source: Scarlet Sanctuary


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